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Updating controls outside updatepanel asp net objectdatasource updating

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Is it possible to update a control outside of an Update Panel? For example, I have a dropdownlist with a series of values.When the selection change, the Update Panel refreshes with new data.which is better, put them all in one update panel, or few controls in more update panels? gridview , formview, buttons, textboxes all in one update panel or gridview in update panel, formview in updat panel, buttons (that text needs to change based on some business rules) in update panel, etc? ..ajax update validation control not work well i am using ajax 1.0 in my ever i use validation control in update panel they didn't work well. Please help me i have 30 April as my projects delivery date so i need it urgent.besides will tables and divs inside update panel affect AJAx performance?! Controls Outside of the Update Panel getting Updated/Refreshed Problem Hi everybody, I am having this problem with the controls outside of the AJAX Update Panel being updated for some weird reasons. Regards Gourav [email protected] For sure there is a solutions.Ajax controls/events in partial page updates w/o using Ajax Update Panel I company I work for has been using a old library ("slickback") which does XML-based form postbacks via javascript and replaces DIV tag sections (looks very much like how Ajax does panel updates).It works somewhat okay for content updates w/o updating the page.If i put those 3 dopdowns in another updatepanel and assign trigger to the same button, dropdowns are getting displayed twice ...HOW DO I update a control from outside the updatepanel i have an update panel with 4 panels.

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We recently started using AJAX Controls such as the Slider Extender. How to update a control outside the updatepanel Hi friends, In my form i have 3 dropdowns and one Gridview, have to select the values from 3 dropdowns and then click "Display" Button. Now i kept that gridview in an Updatepanel and assigned trigger to that Submit button.

When the user clicks the back button, they see the previous view, but the dropdownlist is still set to the other value. Ajax Update label outside of Update Panel Hello, I have a page that contains a label (outside of my Update Panel)Upon clicking a button within the update panel I would like to post a message to that label.

I wrote the following routine: private void Display User Message(string message, string css Class) { try { Label user Mess... or How to catch events inside an Update Panel outside it?

I need to modify the Visible property of every button according the Selected Index Changed or the Row Command events of the Grid View inside the Update Panel but they dont change. How can we access a control outside the update panel with an control inside the update panel Take a very simple example, i have a button inside the update panel along with other controls and i have a textbox on the page.

What i want is that when i click the button inside the update panel,it should update the textbox which is present outside the update panel. Prakash kumar To my knowledge you cannot update any control outside of the update panel. Reverse Question: update control outside updatepanel I have a simple question.