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OAK 4 is a Windows-only application, and will not work on the Apple Macintosh, unless you run it in Windows using virtualization software such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop, with the Windows version of Excel. Some companies set up firewalls to prevent employees from downloading executable files.

Companies that do that will probably also prevent executable files from being sent by email, and prevent executable files that do arrive from being installed on workstations except by designated staff.

And because mac OS is Unix based (and Linux is Unix based), you can run SQL Server for Linux on your Mac.

If you have version 4 of OAK, it will alert you to the appearance new version and ask for your authorization to download and install it.

Your best bet is therefore to get help from your IT department.

If you wish to try yourself, you can: • Download in a location not controlled by the firewall and transfer it to your computer using a memory stick • Ask [email protected] email the file • Ask [email protected] send a CD of the file.

If you contact [email protected] that at any moment you could be using one computer or the other, but never both, Operis will enable a second activation of your serial number for the second machine.

OLAP provides analysts, managers, and executives with the information they need to make effective decisions about an organization’s strategic directions.A complication is that Excel 2003, and earlier releases, have two of these Add-in managers, one that is easy to find, and one that is not.While the first one controlled earlier versions of OAK, you need the second one to control OAK 4. Excel has probably placed OAK in the Disabled Items list.You may need help from your IT department to do this.If you have version 3 or earlier of OAK, you will need to purchase an upgrade, and download the new software onto your computer.Then activate your serial number on the new computer. where OAK 4.0 to 4.2 is involved, see the item “An employee in my company no longer needs OAK. ”If you are using OAK 4.3 or later on the old and new computers, you would perform a serial number transfer on the old computer. Then activate your serial number on the new computer.