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He's afraid he will be hounded for the rest of his life.

"Currently, my monthly student loan payments cost me nearly 50% of my take-home income (00 per month)." —Kaycee, who fears she will have to leave her "relatively low-paying" job as a public defender because she is unable to keep up with her student loan payments.

During that time, since I did work full time, I did qualify for the subsidized loan. By the time I graduated I had close to ,000 in student loan debt. Yes, I've gone into forebearance a couple of times.... It's easy to be judgemental when you had it handed to you because you were born into the right family.

I knew I could never make the payments on such a loan on a teacher's salary (the estimate was 0/mth - this was in 1995), so I joined the Army to qualify for the student Loan Repayment Program. I have now been paying on a (by the time it was all said and done) ,000 student loan (not including the IRS payments I had to make for about a year) for 11 years. When I was sweating out in the Saudi Arabian dessert on 36 hours shifts, I couldn't help but think of all those kids I would pass in the halls who not only had their tuition and books paid for but living expenses too. Commenter: Jason I'm a lawyer with over 0K in debt.

I honestly didn't give my loans much thought until this year when I began my monthly payments.

If I were that age again I would approach education and paying for education with great caution.

Commenter: Thomas Forlano I first attended college in 1999 at the age of 18.

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There is no money to spend." —Kimberly, who says her decision to care for her ailing grandparents has made it impossible for her to keep up with her loan payments.In 3 years they paid off ,000 of my student loan. Well, the rules were that they would only pay principle, not accrued interest. Not only that, but I had to pay taxes on this forgiveness - and due to a mistake by the Army, ended up owing ,000 to the IRS upon my discharge from the Army. I was proud to serve in the military for my country, but it just seems wrong that I had to risk my life and go through hell in order to pay for an education. My student loan payments are more than 50% of my take home income.The job market for attorneys is not great even when times are good but in a recession, it is nearly hopeless.Money was immaterial to me then, but very material to me now.The irony is that because I have a more practical relationship to money now, being that I am responsible for supporting myself, I would not seek to undermine my livelihood by creating anything but the most minimal financial obligations for myself.I own no home and can't even think about starting a family because I can't even afford to take care myself.